Event 01

Move. Fast.

Working as a team, sharing loads/gear as the team sees appropriate, complete the movements along a looped course.

Scoring: Total time required to complete all elements

Gear & Setup
Modified/Scaled gear

The intent of the added weight in this exercise is to force teams to problem solve transporting more weight than a single athlete is likely able to move on their own.

So long as 4 -roughly- equivalent items make it around the lap, the spirit of the event is being upheld. 2 items, each making two laps per person, would also be acceptable.

eg: Instead of each athlete shuttling 4 weight plates around a single 400m loop, each athelete doing two laps of the 400m loop with 2 appropriately heavy items (cinderblocks, water cans, sandbags, rocks, etc) would be a good scaled option.

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. It's just internet points afterall.

The Event

As a team, complete a total of five (5) loops of the course under the following conditions.

Time stops when the last team member crosses the line.

Rules & Standards

Register your team

After registering above, send team name and total time required to complete the event to: ruckwars@gmail.com no later than 2020-03-20 23:59:59 GMT.

Team Location Time Score
MRDRSQD MI 17:09 500
Rucking Fits Queens TX 22:10 490
Rucking Fit Kings TX 22:11 480
DumDumJimmy and the Asshats IL 23:57 470
Team Ninja Actual IN 24:25 460
New Species Meatheads MI 27:57 450
EnduraRuck TX 31:26 440
D&P Ruckers WI 33:18 430
Badass Muther Ruckers CA --- 0
Just ask my wife MI --- 0