The COVID Talk

If your gym is shut down, please check out the Gear section for information on scaling. Upcoming events are being rewritten in such a way that close physical contact is not required.


Welcome to meathead thunderdome. Your squad against the world. Put up or shut up.

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What is the purpose of this?

Every ruck club is the toughest, hardest bunch of SOBs they know. Almost every ruck club is mistaken in this knowledge.

Standarized tests, administered across a wide set of participants is the only method for establishing a pecking order.

Six (6) events will be published on this site (one every other week) and teams will have 14 days to attempt/repeat their task, record results, and submit for validation. See individual event pages for specific requirements and standards.

All scores must be submit prior to 2020-05-30 00:00:00 GMT. Late submissions will be discarded as invalid.

Rules & Standards





Modifications for limited gear

We completely understand that with COVID-19 running wild through the lands it may be difficult access the complete gear list. That is being taken into account when designing the events.

If access to gear is a concern, simply sign up for the "Modified / Scaled" division and follow the instructions on each event page for recommended substitutions. Our goal has always been to make this event as accessible as possible to the largest group of people.

Stay safe. Listen to actual medical advice. Try not to become too sedintary. We'll get through this.

Required Gear

One of the primary goals of this competition is to ensure a level playing field for as many teams as possible to participate on. To this end, we are attempting to keep the required gear list as simple and standarized as possible.

You will need the following items in order to compete:

Racks & Tracks
  • (4) Pullup stations
    feet must hang free without ground contact
  • (4) Squat stations
  • (4) Wall ball stations (10' target)
  • Measured running distances of:
    • 200m
    • 400m
    • 800m
    • 1600m
Heavy Stuff
  • (4) Olympic bars @ 45#
  • (16) Bumper plates @ 45#
  • (16) Bumper plates @ 25#
  • (16) Bumper plates @ 10#
  • (2) Kettlebells @ 70#
  • (2) Kettlebells @ 53#
  • (2) Kettlebells @ 36#
  • (4) Slam balls @ 50#
  • (4) Wall/medicine balls @ 20#
  • (2) Sandbags @ 50#+
Cardio Nonsense
  • (2) Plyo boxes @ 30"
  • (2) Plyo boxes @ 24"
  • (2) Plyo boxes @ 20"
  • (2) Rowers
    capable of tracking meters and calories
  • (4) Rucks (30# male / 20# female)

The Events

Teams & Placement

Team Location Event 01 Event 02 Event 03 Event 04 Event 05 Event 06 Total
MRDRSQD MI 500--------------- 500
Rucking Fits Queens TX 490--------------- 490
Rucking Fit Kings TX 480--------------- 480
DumDumJimmy and the Asshats IL 470--------------- 470
Team Ninja Actual IN 460--------------- 460
New Species Meatheads MI 450--------------- 450
EnduraRuck TX 440--------------- 440
D&P Ruckers WI 430--------------- 430
Badass Muther Ruckers CA ------------------ 0
Just ask my wife MI ------------------ 0

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